2017 cycling events New Hampshire

Motorcycles are part many people’s life. In some countries, motorbikes are used as a primary mode of transportation. In more developed countries, it is treated as a luxury and used only for recreation. Motorcycling has penetrated deep in our society that it created its culture and lifestyle. It may seem like a good for one person vehicle, but the fact is, it can be a social tool to gather individuals who have the same love for this two-wheeled vehicle. There are a lot of motorcycles clubs, and New Hampshire is among the places that have an active motorcycling community. Here are the most anticipated 2017 cycling events New Hampshire for avid motorcyclist and enthusiasts:

The 1st Annual Kicking Off The Dust Ride May 13, 2017 Charity Event

It is the fundraising kick-off event for the benefit of the local New Hampshire veterans. The event is organized by the Broken Spoke Laconia and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. The ride will run through the Lake Region and will be followed by a barbecue. Flew-Z will also be there to entertain everyone. The registration starts at 9 AM on the event day. There is a minimal fee of $20 for the rider and $15 for the passenger. Non-riders who can only join the barbecue may pay $15 to join.

Laconia Motorcycle Week 2017 Motorcycle Rally June 10 – 18, 2017 Motorcycle Rally Event

Join this momentous event as the Laconia Motorcycle week celebrates its 94th Anniversary. If you are not aware, Laconia Motorcycle Week is the World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally event. Aside from the rally, the weeklong festivities will include:

  • Motorcycle Race
  • Hill Climbs
  • Bike Shows
  • Swap Meeting
  • Poker Runs
  • Contests for riders and passengers

Please visit the official website of the Laconia Motorcycle week for more information on this great motorcycling event.