Motorcycles for men over 50

Many senior citizens are rediscovering their youthful passion through motorcycling. In fact, even insurers are noticing the increase in insurance availed of motorcycles for men over 50. Perhaps the growth is because finally, the retired people has disposable savings and ample time to enjoy motorcycling. The time and money are not usually accessible to young people in the working class.

It is interesting to know that motorcycles are not limited to the young and free anymore. It would be awesome to see a grandpa donning the trademark motorcyclist look. However, though they can dress the part, most of our senior citizen rider are not fit enough to handle big bikes with high horsepower. So, here are the options available for them:

Three Wheelers

The three wheeler’s design lessens the risk of tipping over. It is stable enough for anyone to drive. Major luxury motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson started responding to the senior market, so they engineered a three-wheeler motorbike.


Sidecars are attached to the bike. With the sidecar, the motorcycle becomes more stable since it gains an additional wheel from the sidecar. It is not common to tip over while riding this bike. Another advantage is the extra storage to carry bags or other things.


The Vespa of Italy made scooters a common feature in our streets. It is lighter than the motorcycle, and it is very easy to balance making it easy to control and ride. These features are essential for senior citizens to make their ride safe and almost effortless. The design of the scooter is also very attractive.

With these options, the wife, kids, and grandkids will not go crazy when their father says that he will ride around town using his motorcycle.